Wakoucha (Black Tea): Peach


Oguri Tea Farm’s blend of Wakoucha (Japanese black tea) and real peach pieces creates an unrivaled stone-fruity freshness perfect for any time.

  Taste:     Peachy, Sweet, Fruity
  Body:     Medium
  Texture:     Medium
  Length:     Long
  Harvest:     August
  Tea Cultivar:     Mixed
  Origin:     Makinohara, Shizuoka
  Cultivation:     Non-shaded
  Processing:     Withered, Rolled, Dried
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Product Description

What is Wakoucha?

Wakoucha (和紅茶) is Japanese Black tea. Thinking about Japanese tea, at first one would not think of black
tea. In comparison to green tea’s long history of production, the manufacture of black tea in Japan was introduced only 150 years ago. Therefore its origin goes back to the Meiji period, the time when Japan began to open up to the rest of the world.
Koucha actually means red tea’. It is named after its colour as the brewed tea displays a dark red colour. This is because Japanese water is low in lime content and therefore is so-called ‘soft water’.
Koucha is a fully oxidised tea. After the harvest the leaves are first withered before further processing. By the subsequent rolling of the tea leaves, the cell structure is broken down which enhances the following oxidaton process.
As black tea is a recent discovery in Japan only about 300 farmers are producing Koucha throughout the country and is therefore a specialist product.


About Oguri Tea Farm

Oguri Tea Farm

Oguri Tea Farm (est. 1916) has more than a century worth of experience producing flavoured Japanese tea from Makinohara, Shizuoka. Serving with the motto of ‘Living with Tea’, Oguri Tea Farm embodies tea education and preservation in its finest. From frequent tea education sessions with the local community to large-scale community-based conservation efforts of Shizuoka’s tea fields, Oguri Tea Farm is at the forefront of modern Japanese tea culture.


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