Light and smooth, this Sakura Tea is mildly salty with a floral aftertaste and plum undertones. A transparent pink expands in the cup revealing a flowery aroma with hints of the sea. This tea is made by preserving cherry blossoms in salt and plum vinegar. Its salty taste is common in Japan and the tea is most often used for celebrations and special occasions.

  Taste:     Sakura sweetness, Salty
  Body:     Light
  Texture:     Rounded
  Length:     Medium
  Harvest:     April
  Tea Cultivar:     N/A
  Origin:     Wazuka
  Cultivation:     N/A
  Processing:     Preserved with salt and plum vinegar
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Product Description

What is Sakura-cha?

Sakura-cha (桜茶) is a very special, traditional Japanese infusion that is unlike any other. Sakura is the name for the famous pink cherry blossoms that bloom all over Japan in the spring. The flowers are mixed with ume plum vinegar and salt and is left to infuse for 3-4 weeks. Cherry blossom tea is considered very special in Japan and is mostly served at weddings, as it is believed to represent new beginnings.

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