Sanpin-cha (Jasmine Tea)


Nakazen’s sanpincha jasmine tea uses only high quality tea leaves. Semi-fermented tea leaves (20% fermentation) are scented with jasmine petals. Nakazen’s very slightly fermented Jasmine Tea delivers both natural jasmine notes and sencha’s traditional sweetness.

  Taste:     Jasmine sweetness, Light grassiness
  Body:     Light
  Texture:     Rounded
  Length:     Long
  Harvest:     April
  Tea Cultivar:     Mixed
  Origin:     Okinawa (Nakazen)
  Cultivation:     Unshaded
  Processing:     Steamed, Rolled, Lightly Fermented, Dried
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Product Description

What is Sanpin-cha?

Jasmine tea (さんぴん茶), known as ‘sanpin-cha’ in Okinawa, is popular for its Jasmine fragrance, and has been a mainstay of the islands since its days as the Ryukyu Kingdom hundreds of years ago. Originating with the trade between the Ryukyu Kingdom and China, the tea is an example of the mixture of Chinese and Japanese influence in the islands.


About Nakazen

Nakazen Brand

Established in 1968 originally as a farm, Nakazen was one of the first company to manufacture tisanes using Okinawan grown products such as guava and turmeric (ukon or ucchin™).


Message from Nakazen’s founder:

It all started from my wish for everyone to live a healthy, happy life…

I was hospitalized during my late twenties due to a kidney disease caused by overwork and stress. One day while I was at the hospital a friend of mine told me about a tea made of “kumis kuching (orthosiphon aristatus or cat’s whiskers)”. Without having much knowledge on this particular tea, I decided to try drinking it. To my surprise, the kidney got better after a while, and that is when I felt and experienced the effect of “kumisukuchin” tea. Once I left the hospital, I wanted to spread the world about my experience with this tea. This is how I got into the business, which I continue on until today.

I hope we will be able to provide products that will help support your healthy, happy life.

(Please note that this is written from a personal experience and impression. Products do not guarantee complete recovery from diseases.)

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